Faculty Dissertations

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Faculty Dissertations
Title Author Date
An Analysis and Evaluation of the Interpretations of J.C. O'Hair, Cornelius Stam, and Charles Baker Concerning the Origin of the Church, Water Baptism, and the Commission of the Church Adam Christmas, Ph.D. 2011
A Comparative Analysis of the Fundamentalist-Modernist Controversies of Both the Presbyterian Church and the Southern Baptist Convention John Williams, Ph.D. 2010
The Florida Chautauqua as text: Creating and satisfying a disposition to appropriate cultural goods in Northwest Florida Matthew Beemer, Ph.D. 1997
The Effects of Repeated Writing and Story Grammar Instruction on the Writing Performance of Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade Students Valerie Riley, Ph.D. 1997
The Effects of Using Interactive Word Walls to Teach Vocabulary to Middle School Students LeDale Southerland, Ed.D. 2011
Survey Assessment of Sociocultural and Religious Value Positions of Freshmen at Trinity Baptist College Clayton Lindstam, Ed.D. 2006
End-User Resource Valuation in Community College Libraries: A Q Methodology Study John Lucy, Ed.D. 2010