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By filing a Petition to Graduate, you are indicating that you have read the requirements for graduation in your catalog and the following information pertaining to graduation.

Each candidate must bear the responsibility for completing the programs of study in his or her degree. Trinity Baptist College cannot be held liable for a candidate's failure to meet the requirements for graduation. No candidate will have a degree conferred or be allowed to march in commencement exercises who has not successfully completed all the required course work in the programs of study with the proper GPA.

Each candidate is required to submit a Petition to Graduate and Graduation Fee to the Office of Graduate Studies prior to January 15 to facilitate processing. No one will be allowed to march in the spring commencement exercises who submits a Petition to Graduate after January 15. If a candidate will not be graduating, a Withdrawal of Application form must be submitted prior to January 15 or the student will be obligated for the full graduation fee without refund. All final grades for transient and correspondence course credits to be applied toward graduation are due in the Office of Graduate Studies by the first Monday in April. Grades and credits for courses submitted after this date may not be used to fulfill graduation requirements for the spring commencement. Course work, final examinations, and transcript submissions should be planned accordingly to meet this deadline.

Candidates may elect to have their degrees conferred in May or September if all requirements have been met. Those receiving September degree conferrals are invited to participate in the spring commencement exercise and should submit a Petition to Graduate. Candidates receiving a May degree conferral from Trinity Baptist College are expected to participate in Baccaulaureate services and the Commencement exercises. Requests for In Absentia must be made in writing to and approved by the Office of Graduate Studies prior to January 15 to facilitate regalia orders.

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