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Summertime for TBC students is spent in every way imaginable! From missions trips, to hitting the beach, to working and saving for the upcoming fall semester... everyone seems to find something to do. Click here to take a look at what a few of our students will be spending their summers doing!
Trinity Baptist College’s newest, traveling singing group just ended their tour last Sunday, May 19. Throughout their 3-week summer tour, the group sang at 14 churches, 3 conferences, 3 youth events and 5 high schools. Under the direction of Erika Judd and Warren Holmes, Lifesong officially began last January, but did not start traveling until March 9th. ...
Summer classes are in full swing for Trinity Baptist College and over one hundred students are taking advantage. TBC is offering 13 fast tracks, which began May 5th and will run until July 3rd. Students are also offered 11 summer classes, which are divided between two sessions throughout the summer. For many, summer classes are a way to catch up or get ahead in their endeavor to graduate.
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