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Dr. Shoemaker's blog page is a great way to get additional info on all that happens at TBC. Click here to read it.
Come out and support our team at the tournament! Schedule is as follows: THURSDAY 9 p.m. - Warren Wilson vs Trinity College FRIDAY 7 p.m. - Service for all teams in Gym 9 p.m. - Trinity Baptist Vs Warren Wilson SATURDAY 6 p.m. - Trinity Baptist Vs Trinity College (**Awards Ceremony following final game)
Last week, students of Trinity Baptist College took their midterm exams, marking the halfway point to the end of the semester. Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and many students are counting down the days until their Thanksgiving Break – when they can take a breather from their schoolwork and enjoy a few days off to spend with their family and friends. The students also get excited for the coming events in connection with Trinity Baptist Church – there are many opportunities for the students to be involved and celebrate the Holidays!