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This weekend was an exciting one at TBC with Rush Night yesterday and a special class for freshmen at church today. Read more on Dean Stanley's blog.
This week is "Rush Week" which will culminate with "Rush Night" on Saturday in which new students will be allowed to rush for their favorite society. Read more on Dean Stanley's Blog!
The Light Meets the Dark Tour featuring Tenth Avenue North and Addison Road is coming to Trinity on Saturday, September 11. TBC students are able to get a special rate for tickets to this concert! Click Here.
To download archived audio content from our chapel services or to listen live on Mondays and Fridays, click here.
The Fall Semester is officially underway at Trinity Baptist College. Read more on Dean Stanley's Blog.
We are less than a week away from the start of the Fall 2010 semester at Trinity. To start off the year, we will have a Spiritual Emphasis Week the first week of classes, August 18-20. Read More
Today we began an exciting week of Student Supervisor Training at TBC. Our Student Supervisors play a vital role in our student body and serve not only as spiritual leaders but also...
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When students arrive for the fall semester, they will quickly notice the renovations to the HeBrews Campus Café. HeBrews has been remodeled...
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