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Trinity Baptist College’s Evening Division allows you to take college courses at a more convenient time for your busy schedule. more
This Sunday evening at 6pm we will be introducing a new Trinity Baptist College production called EvenSong. Click here to learn more.
After a fifteen year absence, drama has returned to Trinity Baptist College! The presentation of Magic and Melodrama: An Evening with A. A. Milne was a big hit with not only the student body, but also the Trinity Baptist church family. more (with pictures!)
Here at Trinity, all the clichés about them are true—they do have lots of energy and enthusiasm (except for 8 a.m. English classes), and I can’t help loving them, even while they’re driving me crazy... more
The Spring 2011 class schedule is now available for download. Also, check out this year's Winter Fast Tracks, which allow you to complete some of your required courses in a single week!