Application Instructions for the Logos Academic Program

Dear Faculty and Students,

Welcome to a new academic year and to our new online ordering system! We’ve worked hard to make the overall ordering process smoother for everyone involved. Once your academic application is complete, you will be able to order additional resources with academic pricing from Orders will be processed and available immediately through the regular checkout process, anytime throughout the entire semester. It is no longer necessary for each order to be individually approved by your school.

To get started, here is a quick video to watch to see how it is done. After watching the video you can go to If you have already registered with us, simply sign in with your email address and password. It is not necessary to create a separate account for your academic orders. If you have never registered with us before, click the orange Register button. Once you are signed in, you will be taken to the Academic Application.

Fill out all the fields in the Academic Application – they are all required. Please note that the “Alternate Email” field is your current sign-in email, and will be automatically populated. The “Student Email” field can be the same address if you don’t have one from your school. “Daytime Phone” and “Evening Phone” also both need to be filled in, even if the number is the same.

The next section requires Academic Information pertinent to your program. Again, all fields must be filled (except Minor). When filling in the “School Name” and “Major” fields start typing then just pause a few seconds; select the best option from the drop-down box. Don’t use abbreviations. If your school has certain classes which require Logos, you will see a list to the right. Please select any you are taking.

Finally, we need verification of your enrollment. You will need to upload a picture of your student ID card or another document such as an acceptance letter, class schedule, or letter verifying your enrollment. You can use a scanner, digital camera, or digital camera from a mobile phone/ipod touch, etc. If you don’t have one, please find a friend who does, or go to a computer lab/library where you can scan and save a digital copy of the document. You must upload a picture file to complete the application and proceed to process your order.

Once you have a file ready to be uploaded, click “Choose File”, navigate to the location where this file is saved, and double-click the file. Finally, read and check the acknowledgement and click submit!

After your Academic Application is complete, you may order a Base package and any other required resources based on your program. All of our products are downloadable, so unless you have very slow internet or limited bandwidth, there is no need to order a DVD for your library. Logos 4 automatically backs up all of your licenses, and you can install/reinstall from the web as needed. To ensure that you are always up to date with your program and library, please choose the download option. If you do choose a DVD, you will need to wait until it arrives to activate using a serial number.

Once you have chosen your base package and any additional required resources, click “Proceed” to move on to our secure online checkout. Simply fill out your credit/debit card information, and follow the prompts to complete your order. When it is processed, you will receive an order confirmation message with installation instructions via email.

Thank you!