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Jeremiah Stanley
Dean Of Students


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Rush Week

    Our fall semester has gotten off to a great start and right now everyone is fully engaged in what is commonly referred to as “Rush Week.” This is a week characterized by high energy levels and the most Greek letters that you will ever see outside of an actual Greek language class. All of this is leading up to “Rush Night” which will take place Saturday evening.

    The purpose of “Rush Week” is to provide the freshman class with a snapshot of what each of our (8) student societies have to offer. It is the job of existing society members and officers to entice these freshmen to “Rush” for a particular society come Saturday. Each of the new freshmen will be given the opportunity to join a society on Saturday night on a first come, first serve basis since space in each society is limited.  

Societies play a major role in the student life at Trinity Baptist College. We have (4) societies for guys and (4) societies for the ladies. We also have a “Married Student Fellowship” for our married couples attending the college.

Each society is involved in several different activities throughout the college year. These activities include:

·        Society Chapel- (held on select Wednesdays)

·        Society Activities

·        Society Christian-Service Projects

This is just a brief description of what our societies are engaged in throughout the school year. The Societies also exist to provide a source of spiritual encouragement for our students. The members of each society are there to care for one another and provide a positive environment in which spiritual maturity and growth can occur.